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Welcome to BumbleBeans!

Welcome to BumbleBeans Coffee, Let's Get Buzzed!

Our Story 

Born from a life-long love for coffee and inspired by the most adorable pup on the planet (Bumblebee), BumbleBeans Coffee is a micro-roaster based in Elkhart Lake, WI. Our coffee is organic, fair trade certified, and sourced from small producers around the world on a rotating basis to ensure your coffee is procured, roasted, and brewed to peak freshness and flavor. Whether you are enjoying the light, fruity, and fragrant flavors of our light Low Rider Roast or the rich, decadent, silky, and bold notes of our dark Pocket Rocket Roast, we are sure a cup of our coffee will provide you with an experience as irresistible as our mascot!

Coffee Musts 

We look forward to sharing our coffee with you! To ensure you enjoy our coffee at the peak of freshness for the fullest flavor and depth, please review the following tips:

  • Coffee reaches its peak flavor at three days from roasting. From then, flavors remain vibrant until about three weeks from the roast date. 


  • Try to only grind coffee you intend on brewing immediately. Grinding of coffee beans can drastically affect freshness if the beans are not kept in an airtight container.


  • ​For drip coffee makers and Espresso, it is recommended to grind coffee very finely. While French Press, Pour Over and Plunger brewing methods typically work best with course ground coffee. 



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